Thursday, 18 December 2014

Why GPS Tracking For Your Fleet Could Be Cheaper Than You Imagined

Can Your Business Afford GPS Tracking For Your Vehicles?

That's a question many small business managers will have asked themselves and almost certainly after seeing exorbitant yearly subscriptions and costly monthly contracts they'll have concluded no.

However these days there's a revolutionary new Pay As You Go GPS tracking system that costs just £3 a month and has no contracts or yearly subscriptions.

Even though the running costs are so little its range of features are anything but.

In fact TrackerHome offers;

  • A straightforward Web Platform that allows you to track all your fleet's vehicles on one login.
  • A free smart phone app that works on Android and iPhone. Allowing you to check your drivers whilst you're out of the office.
    The TrackerHome App in action
    Screenshot of the App
  • Downloadable data that shows driver's speeds, locations and working times.
  • Route repeat options that map out the route taken by your drivers so you can where they've been and at what times.
  • Real time tracking that can help you plan routes with traffic situations in mind.
  • A Geo-Fence option that records an alert when a vehicle enters a certain area.
  • Speed alert options that record when a vehicle exceeds a specific speed.
  • An immobiliser option so you can remotely cut the ignition crank

With all these features available to you the benefits can include;

  • Cheaper fuel costs due to more diligent driving.
  • Less time spent in traffic jams for drivers.
  • Quicker deliver times for customers.
  • Track any out of hours driving by drivers.
  • Recover stolen vehicles easier.
  • More detailed analysis of your drivers behaviours.

So with all this in mind the new question small business mangers will be asking themselves is “Can I afford not to have GPS tracking my vehicles?”

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